Custom Tie Dye Hoodie

Custom Tie Dye Hoodie

Custom Tie Dye Hoodie

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Have you ever wanted a Tie Dye hoodie? Not known where to look for high quality?? Seen every one walking the streets in the same mass produced Tie-Dye print?

Stand out from the crowd by choosing something unique - and let us make you something personal. 


~ Leave your colour choices in ORDER notes (please try to be as descriptive as possible!)


~ Spiral Pattern, Classic Tie Dye vibes. Examples pictured, works with 2+ colours.

Scrunch Pattern, Looks to be a little more disorganised but always turns out cool. Examples are pictured, works with 1+ colours.

Half Half Pattern, Can sometimes be a little more subtle, you can leave half white or choose two colours to do half half. Examples are pictured, please specify your idea in the comments box of your order. Max 2 colours.

• High quality heavyweight hoodie. 100% cotton fleece.

• Sizes XS - 3XL

• Hoodies are hand dyed in Melbourne

• All products used in the making off your hoodie are ethically sourced 

• All products used in the making of this hoodie are from Australian owned businesses, by buying you are supporting hard working Australians. 

*Please keep in mind, this process can take an extended period of time due to current world wide conditions effecting suppliers and shipping times. We pride ourselves on making sure our products are high quality and dyed with love before they reach you! So please allow for at least 1 month for an order to be fulfilled.* 

    Environmentally Conscious

    minimising environmental waste by committing to slow fashion. Always was and will be made to order. NO MASS PRODUCTION.


    Making things different so you are left feeling unique and see pride in your clothes!

    Australian owned

    All businesses in the production process are Australian owned. We are supporting fellow Australians!