COVID19 - Corona Virus UPDATE

 I just want to take a moment to thank you for supporting me and the Mad Dye brand during this time, every sale counts and means the world.
So don't fear, we are creating and working away as per normal.
Due to current events regarding COVID19 shipping times have been effected. For more information from Australia Post including if your country is affected please click here.


We have currently suspended international orders for our hand dyed tie dye items and accessories due to lockdown in Australia and lack of freight arriving to and from - shipping time is too long to be deemed feasible - I don't want your beautiful items to get lost! Hopefully this will change in the coming months. 
However my beautiful international customs can still purchase hand drawn clothing items or art prints!


With many restrictions in place for everyone we are ensuring following government guidelines. Production lines have been amended meaning that there is less handling of packaging, preventing our personalised notes being packed in our orders.

Please forgive us for sending in plastic mailers and packaging with soft plastic, at this current time Biodegradable packaging is out of reach due to low supply - however please remember that all of this packaging can be recycled through REDcycle at your nearest collection point! (click here to find one close to you) 

Positive vibes, and we can hope for an even better future!


Environmentally Conscious

minimising environmental waste by committing to slow fashion. Always was and will be made to order. NO MASS PRODUCTION.


Making things different so you are left feeling unique and see pride in your clothes!

Australian owned

All businesses in the production process are Australian owned. We are supporting fellow Australians!