About Us

There is nothing I love more than seeing a rainbow at the end of a storm. I say that meaning it in every way possible to interpret, whether it is in the sky or in someone’s soul radiating through their smile. Rainbows are my deepest source of happiness.


My name's Maddie, I live in Melbourne and I’m the founder of Mad Dye. This website is my way of sharing everything I have learnt about myself, and everything I have created from the lessons along the way.


Growing up I always felt like the kid that was a little different, I always hung around the boys and never played with dolls like the rest of the girls. I stayed out till dark walking along the creek near my house immersing myself in the trees. I was always trying to explore something new. Sometimes, I’d even dip my feet in the creek water if I dared. I always felt so deeply and I for some reason found myself pondering life and its greatness.


I used to be bullied in school and I never really realized how much that affected me as a person until my later years of my schooling. By the end of high school I had so much passion and love for nature and art but my insecurity was stopping me from expressing it.


Rainbows had always resonated with me; I found them calming and a way to show you all aspects of life - the darker colours show your gloomy days with the bright showing your best. Through storms there was always a rainbow, and I think that is the most important thing to learn in life, there is always something to hope for and look forward to. My love for rainbows lead me to this overwhelming obsession for Tie Dye. I made my first top for fun because I wanted something to do one weekend, from then on I wore it non-stop. When I wore it I felt this sense of freedom like I was putting all my gloomy days behind me, and brightening up the world just by wearing it. In the late months of 2013 the idea dawned on me, what if? If one rainbow t-shirt could make me feel this way then I’m sure for other people like me it could do the same.  Although it took a lot of bravery, I released this idea to my friends and family. Since then its been a roller coaster but I’ve sold hundreds of tops and it has given me the deepest happiness, and made me grow so much as a person.


I hope that my shirts can help you in any way possible; I’m giving it a red-hot shot for those who struggled like me, or those who just need to see more colour. Follow my journey and help me dye the world one shirt at a time.

To all of you, from all of us at Maddye Clothing - Thank you!

Maddie Burgess